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You can go at it alone but why? With the help, guidance and support of a virtual accountability coach, learning how to use macro nutrition to change your body and your life is that much easier. You will eat more, while losing weight. Combined with a movement plan designed to build lean muscle, macro nutrition will improve your metabolism, hormonal health, energy, rest and recovery. Sound interesting to you? Want to learn more about macro nutrition? Sign up to stay in touch Lift with Erin!

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Find your people in our Lift with Erin community site. Everyone here shares a passion for health, specifically macro nutrition and movement. Find recipes, tips, webinars, live streams, podcasts. Invite friends and let’s MACRO out together. Ha ha!

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“O.M.G Why I have never done macro counting before?! Working with Erin has been amazing. I’ve completely changed my perspective on dieting and food and in the process, I’ve lost 10lbs., feel good in my favorite jeans, and will NEVER.DIET.AGAIN. Lifting with Erin has been the best decision for my body and my life.” Xoxo!

Nicole P