In the great wise words of Black Sheep, “The Choice is Yours”. Totally kidding! Kind of. While the content of this classic 90’s hip hop song may not apply to our day to day life the simplicity of  “the choice is yours” message is an anthem true. Choices in life are yours to make, not someone else’s. The ability to choose is a freedom we enjoy, and to use this right provides us with control in the direction and path we travel.

I watch people in my life struggle making decisions. I married into a family of procrastinators; professionals at never being able to make a decision. I mean seriously, stopped dead in their tracks when confronted with a choice. Something as simple as what to eat for dinner can bring us to our knees and not because we decided to eat on the floor!

I, on the other hand, I can make decisions in the blink of eye and never look back. More important choices, I take my time. I data collect, a lot of data collection goes into larger and potentially more impactful decision. In either scenario, whenever I’m faced with one, which is pretty much every day, all day, I take it. I always use my freedom of choice to do something that will better my life, my family, move us forward, and every now and then backwards (I like to call this the Cha Cha Cha!). I NEVER give my choice up to someone else. This isn’t to say I can’t compromise, or go along with the group, I can. I choose when I want to lead, participate or opt-out. I don’t always make the best choice. But once I do, I live and make the most of it.  Whichever role I play it’s by choice, mine, not anyone else’s.

Are you holding back from making a choice? There isn’t a reason why each and every one of us shouldn’t be using our right each and every day, meaningful or less. Taking charge of our respective journeys unlocks a world of possibility, empowering us to reach new heights, and LIFT!

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