Hiring in San Mateo!

We are hiring! If you LOVE LIFT Exercise Studio and interested in joining our front desk staff or teacher team then let’s talk. High energy, responsible, happy and fans of LIFT are our kind of people!

LIFT Leader – Wright (Erin)

LIFT Leader, Erin Wright (AKA Wright) shares why she LIFT’s, who LIFT’s her and a few thing other goodies you may not have known.

Strength of Body, Heart & Mind

Strength of body, heart & mind can be an unstoppable force. The past 29 days of our Spring Training class challenge are a great example of such as I was witness to some amazing accomplishments.

LIFT Gives – Next Door Solutions

Join LIFT Gives in it’s 2nd series of donation classes supporting an amazing local organization specializing in Domestic Violence, NEXT Door Solutions.

Stay For Savasana

Staying for our 3 minute end of class savasana may be the best decision you make all day. These final moments of stillness in body and mind can be the missing ingredients to a well balanced mental and physical life.

LIFT Gives – Autism Speaks

LIFT Gives introduces our very first of a monthly series of donation classes! Autism Speaks is a near and dear charity to both Emma and Deb and so we kick off Autism Month with a 45 minute LIFT Bike ride with Emma and a 60 minute LIFT Barre class with Deb on April 3rd at 12:00noon.

Introducing LIFT!

We are here to change you body and your mind; one inch and pedal stroke at a time. We will remind you that working out should be fun and doing it often makes us better humans. At LIFT Exercise we believe that change is good; we empower you to create change and encourage you to step right on into it.

Benefits of the Yoga Block

Often times the slightest adjustment to our body’s alignment and positioning can make all the different in our practice. Incorporating a yoga block into your poses can be the difference in building good functional strength versus working in an unstable position. The teachers at LIFT Exercise Studio will use yoga blocks to set and stabilize poses for students to gain the most benefit out of each.


We are super excited about our new LIFT branded tanks, pants and water bottles. Get LIFTed with one or all of these super cool items.