Strength of Body, Heart & Mind

We just completed our Spring Training Class Challenge today and I find myself in complete awe. The past 29 days have been epic. I am witness to such an incredible example of strength, not just in body but of heart & mind. Every day, every class, every push-up and every pedal stroke took students stepped outside their comfort zone, discovering the best version of themselves. 

When I think of the feeling of being strong, my heart and my mind immediately come into focus. More often physical prowess becomes the measuring stick for strength, thereby placing little value or attention to the power of our heart and mind. 

I place great value in being physically strong. This has served me well throughout my life; being able to load and move furniture (I seem to do this often), trekking in the hills of Thailand for weeks at a time with a 65 lb pack on my back (I highly recommend doing this) to carrying 2 small kids in my arms for blocks and blocks at a time (I recommend buying a stroller) :). However recent history has proven that when I turn to the strength of my heart and the power of my mind, my accomplishments are more meaningful and longer laster.

In living this great roller coaster called life, you get to experience the amazing highs of happiness, the sadness of the lows while happily signing up for the next ride. Life doesn’t always serve up what you want, but it always serves what you can handle. Recently I came to a crossroads in my life when 2 paths presented themselves and I had to choose. Path of least resistance was to stay the course. I was mildly happy, it was predictable but my creativity was being stifled and for me this is soul crushing. The other option was a path unknown, a little scary, more work that came with a lot of freedom. With courage in my heart, a belief in myself and the support of an incredible network of friends and family I signed up for the second path. Physical strength played absolutely no role what’s so ever. I had to rely solely on strength of heart and mind.

Physical strength is a good and healthy thing to acquire and maintain. Muscles hold the bones of the body up and keeps them in place. But strength is far more than just physical. Often times it’s the strides we make by stepping outside of our comfort zone, by daring to chart a different course, to believe in ourselves when others might not, that ultimately becomes the strength from which you can stand tall and proud. I’m confident our class challengers this past month would agree!

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