Stay for Savasana

Hi! It’s me Jen from the Glen. Fun size!

I’m a doer.  I’m an on the go kind of girl.  I’m a multitasker!  As I sit here in “my office”  (which is really my kitchen table) at 9:30am writing this I have already taught 2 LIFT Bike classes, packed two lunches, taken my two girls to two different schools, started my second load of laundry, made three beds, did the dishes….  Blah blah blah, it’s a long list!  Needless to say, in the busy world that we find ourselves living in multitasking hasn’t become something we do some of the time, it’s become what we do ALL of the time!

Our brains were not meant to multitask all day long….  We are designed and created to focus on one thing at a time.  The mind works best when focusing on one thing, one stream of thought at any given time.  When we multitask we are asking our brains to focus on things that aren’t even remotely related to one another.  To our nervous systems this constant pulling and pushing from one thing to the next is like being interrupted constantly.  We are never truly spending our time being present because we have already moved on (at least in our minds). We have all heard it, maybe even it said it once or twice, but I’ll say it again just to remind you.

LIFE HAPPENS IN THE PRESENT.  Life happens in the everyday moments that we are so busy multitasking around that we miss it.  This brings me to my point…  SAVASANA!

So What is Savasana?

What is Savasana you ask???  Savasana or Dead Man’s pose looks like it should be the easiest most relaxing part of class, but for some of us, the some of us that are constantly multitasking these 3 minutes can simply be the most challenging 3 minutes of class….  It’s a rest pose that feels longer than the last 8 count in upright lunge.  Savasana is a practice, it’s something this is learned over time, it is an opportunity for you to just simply be.  Simply put, Savasana is the act of slowly letting go of any tension, any stress, any worries.  Give yourself three minutes to truly be present and any place you think you need to be, or anything you need to do, will still be there at the end.

With that being said,  I challenge my 6am LIFT Heated HIIT 60 class on Wednesdays to #stayforsavasna.  I am so confident you will learn to love it and it’s mindful benefits, that I am willing to give up some precious sleep time just for you (that’s a big deal considering what little sleep I get)! Starting the month of April, Wednesday Heated HIIT will start at 5:45am….  If you commit to #stayforsavasna I’ll promise to keep setting my alarm clock 15 minutes earlier.  For some of us it’s the only 3 minutes we get during our day to just breathe, check in, and let go.  Do it for yourself; you deserve it!

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