Love Inspiration Force Team

I go into Lift to workout and I feel the love of people in the studio.  People genuinely care about you, how your doing, and your life.  This is not the same in other gyms, and I have been to a few.  As a stay at home Mom, this place has given me courage on days I didn’t think I had it, and a renewed feeling that I can do this and I am a good.  It gives me a feeling of power and strength.

When I walk into Lift I get inspired, by so many wonderful people who are so strong and not afraid to try.  Then I take class and find myself inspired by the teachers, and there journeys that they are on.  I have found my journey and often think back to what the teachers say in class.  Just one more turn, climb that mountain, you are strong!  On days when feeling low, these run through my mind and I start believing!  I feel like Lift is a Church and I find the higher power!

Force: you have to be tough to workout here!  It’s challenging in every aspect and forces you to be a better person!  There is also force in the higher being which to me comes in every class!

From the second I get out of my car and walk inside, there is Teamwork.  I usually see people walking, and will start a conversation with them.  You get inside and are greeted by smiling team members.  On your bike there are always people to help you adjust.  In HIIT, people will grab your mat or help you set up if you are running late. The teachers are also about making it about your journey and will help you in your form!   It’s all about team and community which is why I think you are so successful!

Thank you for creating this place and I am so happy to be a part of your journey!


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