LIFT Leader: Wright (Erin)

Short Bio: My name is Wright…Erin Wright (said like 007). Likes: to laugh, music (all kinds of music), being at the beach. Loves: being a mom, wife, and kick butt barre and bike leader at LIFT.

Lift Day 1-82Favorite Exercise or Variation: (Barre) Straight Arm Planks, Push ups and Flat Back. (Bike) Isolations, Pick ups, and good ‘ole Elbows Down.

Something we don’t know about you: I’ve lived in 16 different houses – in 4 different states.

Why do you teach: I love seeing the transformation, both physical and mental. Strength in mind, body and spirit. Helping our students to be mindfully connected to the moment and their breath. Nurturing and accomplishing goals thru dedication and practice. And putting a smile on someone’s face with a simple joke or the perfect song.

Favorite Song: Friends (Francis & The Lights), Sorry (Justin Beiber), Stir It Up (Bob Marley)…just to name a few

Real life mentor: I’ve got to go with my Mom. She taught me to be sweet, kind and strong. That things aren’t always easy. To adapt. Make lemonade when life gives you lemons. And that good things happen, to people, who work hard.

What are you not good at: Cooking – I am a decent baker – but I dislike cooking.

What motivates you to do something hard: The excitement of surprising yourself by rising to the challenge.

Tip for staying healthy: Find ways to exercise that are FUN and challenging.

Favorite healthy food item: Pineapple

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