Danica Davis!

My name: is Danica and I am addicted LIFT. I also have an obsession for fitness clothing and purses…don’t try to stop me.

My favorite: abdominal exercise is Plank into Side Planks. My favorite exercise for my trophy is 4 Point Seat and my favorite thigh series is Curtsey.

Something you don’t know about me: I am older than I appear and have a fulltime career in Corporate Accounting/Finance away from LIFT (aka my happy place).

I teach: to share my love of and addiction to barre with others. My hope is that through my teaching others find as much enjoyment, success and positive change both inside and out as I have. I also love the LIFT community!!!

My favorite song: too hard to pick just one…anything with a good beat!!! I am a hip hop girl!!!

My mom: is my real life mentor, who by example has shown me since before I could talk what it means to live fit and be healthy. Also, all the strong women of LIFT who impress me every day with their dedication to health, fitness and happiness while balancing the pressures of work, family and life. Truly inspirational and remind me I can do anything.

I’m not good at: relaxing and living in the moment. Staying for final savasana is challenging for me and something I am working on in my own practice.

When life gets hard: I remember that some of the best things in life do not come easy and that the only way to continue to grow and become better is to challenge one’s self. The reminder of what it feels like after pushing yourself to do something that you once thought was hard and/or too challenging are motivators as well. Each and every accomplishment then becomes proof to yourself, for yourself that YES, you can!  

I stay healthy by: everything in moderation and plenty of rest. Sleep is important.

My favorite healthy food item is: grilled chicken and lots of fruit, I LOVE fruit!

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