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LIFT Gives was created with the idea of pulling together all of the positive energy that is generated inside our studio and bringing that energy to organizations, charities and nonprofits that dedicate a large share of their time and emotional strength to helping others. It’s all about LIFTing up, not just ourselves, but others!

May 15th at 12:00pm LIFT Gives is partnering with Next Door Solutions, a local organization specializing in Domestic Violence. This organization is very near and dear to us, because they were instrumental in supporting our very own Rachel!

“Next Door Solutions does amazing work within the community helping individuals of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. Domestic violence is something that impacts all walks of life. They were there for me and helped me break the cycle of domestic violence in my own life. I can never truly thank or repay them for the help and kindness they gave me. I found strength, courage and my voice to say, “no more” and mean it. The cycle ends with me. I’ve since let go of all the shame and humiliation associated with domestic violence. Yes, I was once a victim but today I choose to live as a survivor. “ said Rachel.

The idea that together we are better is never more real and true when it comes to helping those in need. To feel powerless is unimaginable. Joining her friend Rachel in this round of donation classes is Danica. “I’m volunteering my time and helping to raise money for Next Door Solutions, not only to support our friend Rachel, but because in high school I also helped raise money for NDS and the opportunity to do it again I couldn’t pass up. I lost a childhood friend and basketball teammate to domestic violence. This needs to stop and and together we can help.”

Rachel will be teaching LIFT Bike and Danica will be teaching LIFT Heated HIIT. $30 donations get you into either class. Please write all checks to Next Door Solutions or you may pay in cash. Donations must be given to the front desk no later than the day of class. Sign Up Now!

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