i-FPgbNrj-XLLIFT Instructor: Tiff

Short Bio: Challenged, changed, motivated, inspired. It’s what I want for all of you!

Favorite Exercise or Variation: Climbing a monster hill then running down the other side:)

Something we don’t know about you: I danced classical ballet for over 20 years

Why do you teach: To inspire and encourage

Favorite Song: I could never pick just one…. It’s more like favorite for every genre

i-NhbNhQj-XLReal life mentor: My mom who is still kicking ass on the tennis court at 65+

What are you not good at: Being lazy and just relaxing

What motivates you to do something hard: Knowing how good it feels when you complete it. And even if you can’t finish knowing that you REALLY tried.

Tip for staying healthy: Always reminding myself how good it feels when you treat your body well.

Favorite healthy food item: Avocados!!!!!!!

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