LIFT Leader: Jen From the Glen!  😉

Short Bio: I have two super cute and super crazy little girls, 1 adorable chiweenie and a husband that somehow helps me keep it all together.  I grew up as an athlete, playing soccer from the age of 4 to competing in state finals at the age of 18.  I have have always had a passion and a drive to do what others tell me can’t be done.  I like to push my limits.  Set new boundaries, and see just how high i can LIFT!

Favorite Exercise or Variation: Upright lunge!!!  So challenging, so hard, so good!!!

Something we don’t know about you: hmmmm… This one’s tough, I’m pretty much an open book so most people know everything about me.  As a kid I secretly wanted to be a figure skater…  Did anybody know that??

Favorite Song:  One man can change the world by Big Sean.  So powerful!  

Real life mentor: Please don’t tell him I said this  (he will never stop talking about it) ….  But I guess my husband is my real life mentor.  He is intelligent, diligent and never afraid to take a big risk.  A few years ago he left a great stable job to pursue his dreams and he has never looked back.  He’s not afraid to ask for fear of rejections, he’s not afraid to jump for fear of failing.  He knows that with hard work, and patience everything is possible.  

What are you not good at:   Singing!  I have a terrible singing voice…  plug your ears if I get on the mic!

What motivates you to do something hard:  Every challenge, every obstacle eventually comes to an end, I keep the end in sight and know that better days are coming!  

Tip for staying healthy:  Find what you love to do and do that!  If it’s fun, if you enjoy it, if you love it, you will never WORK out a day of your life, you will just do what you love and do it often.

Favorite healthy food item: Red Wine…. That’s a health food right?!?

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