LIFT Leader: Deb

Short Bio:  I’m an old lady with 3 grown children- 2 off the payroll and 1 almost there who I am incredibly proud of.  I also have a husband who I have been with for almost 40 years and love dearly.  These peeps are the reason I found my way to exercise and being healthy.  I do it so that I am a better person both mentally and physically. It also doesn’t hurt that I love food and if I didn’t “LIFT off” everyday I would be in real trouble.

Favorite Exercise or Variation:  That’s a no brainer.  Push-ups – duh.

Something we don’t know about you: I play the flute pretty damn well.

Why do you teach: Because I love watching when a person get’s that “ahha” moment.  It’s like when they’re in a exercise and they find that super deep engagement or push themselves past the point that they think they couldn’t – the smile on their face that conveys the accomplishment they feel is my drug.  It also helps that people laugh at my jokes and do what I ask when I teach cause it doesn’t happen many other places in my life.

Favorite Song: September by Earth, Wind and Fire.  Yeah I’m a disco queen – I own it!!

Real life mentor:  My kids.  They each have unique personalities and each have had to face certain struggles in their young lives which they have done with grace and dignity.  I have learned so much for all three of them and they have made me a better person.  

What are you not good at: Being patient.  I fake it really well.  But it takes a lot of work for me to wait for something!!!

What motivates you to do something hard: The challenge.  

Tip for staying healthy: Sleep, eat, drink, exercise, mediate, repeat.

Favorite healthy food item: Tofu yes I said tofu!!!

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