Kelly is one of our amazing LIFT Bike leaders, but you’ve most likely seen her sweating alongside you in class!  Here is how Kelly stays motivated, fit, and happy.

Tell us about your LIFT Journey!  What do you love about LIFT and why did you start coming to LIFT?

About a year and a half ago, I found myself needing something new.  My friend and I signed up for our first month and lets be real, at that point in my life I was more interested in going to the bar than the barre.  We took our first class and I was hooked.  Fast forward to today and I have the opportunity to teach others what I love!

Hands down, LIFT is the best gym/studio I have ever worked out at.  The two things I love most about LIFT is the diversity of workouts and the sense of community within the the studio.  No matter which class I’m taking, Bike, Barre, or HIIT, I know I will leave the studio on a high and that I did something great for myself.

Describe your workout schedule at LIFT – How many times a week do you take classes?  Which classes do you take & why?

Ideally, I try to workout about 5 times a week.  Some weeks it’s more and some weeks less.  All dependent on how crazy my week is!  I personally prefer more cardio intense workouts, so Bike and Heated HIIT are my main go-to’s! I aim to take Bike 3 times a week, HIIT 2 times and Barre once a week!  Each class is so unique and targets something different.

What about your schedule do you think gives the best results?

I rely on Bike for my main calorie burn and H2 and Barre for muscle toning.  Switching up my schedule keeps things fresh and exciting.  I plan out my workouts at the beginning of each week.  Once my schedule is set, I hold myself to my commitment.  This is often the hardest part.  Believe me, after a long and stressful day at work, a comfy couch and a glass of wine is pretty tempting.  Don’t cave and hold to your commitment.  You will never regret working out.

How does clean eating play a role in your overall fitness? What is your favorite healthy recipe?

As much as I’d love to pound an animal-style grilled cheese to the face after teaching not one, but TWO Bike classes, I try to save my indulgences for the weekend. I aim my eating plan to the 80/20 plan.  This means that 80% of the time I eat clean and the other 20% I indulge (smartly). This offers flexibility in my diet and reduces guilt when I find myself shoveling popcorn into my mouth by the handful.  Once you find good, go-to clean recipes, eating healthy becomes second nature.

My go-to weeknight recipe is grilled lemon/garlic chicken or salmon, kale (or some other veggie), sweet potato and sparkling water!

Going along with that 80/20, what is your #1 cheat day indulgence? 

My #1 cheat day indulgence is wine and cheese #yesplease

How do you stay motivated to come to class? 

This may sound corny, but I actually look forward to my workout each day.  Although finding the motivation is tough at times, I remind myself the level of accomplishment I feel the second I unclip from my pedals or wiggle my toes awake from final savasana.

When do you feel your healthiest?

I feel my healthiest when I kickstart my weekend morning with Bike/H2 and spend the rest of the day in the sunshine with the people I love!  There is nothing better than feeling productive.

What is your biggest tip to our new members?

Patience is key.  I remember my first few classes not knowing up from down.  Everyone has to start somewhere, we’ve all been there. Stick to it, ask the instructors for help and take away something new from each class.  Each class we take, we continue to grow and progress.

What do you love most about the classes at LIFT? 

I love that each class is different.  You will never take the same class at LIFT!

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