Make Change Work For You

Change is defined as becoming different; to make something different. I define it as a choice, planned or unplanned, that inherently creates newness. You can choose to create change in your life, and take control of which path you walk down. This kind of change, the planned change, is exciting! An opportunity to start fresh, to hit reset, to grow.

Too often we let fear guide our decisions and our choices, but we shouldn’t let it have the final say. I often encourage clients to step outside of their comfort zone and think outside of the box. Every day, I let these philosophies drive my decisions and allow them to overrule any doubt I may have. LIFT Barre Bike Breathe is me creating change; a choice to spread my wings, to use my passion and creativity to evolve our classes, and to give back to our local community in a more meaningful way.

The other kind of change, unplanned change, can be equally exciting, as long as you allow it. Change that finds its way into our lives can be the exact kick in our high LIFTed seats that encourage us to push harder. Too often, we keep our head down, remain knee deep in our routines,  too comfortable living in the moment to realize that change is needed in the first place. If only we craved that change, it would be a welcomed breath of fresh air, instead of the complacency of everyday life.  I couldn’t be more thrilled to serve that exact change to you, delivered on a silver platter. But the question remains, do you want it?

I encourage you to jump in, with both feet, an open mind, and a huge heart. View this as an opportunity to learn something, to gain meaning, to accept change, to embrace change. Evolve to make change serve you and your best self. Today becomes the day we create change, we embrace change, and we do it together! 

TOGETHER we reach, we inspire, we LIFT!


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