We are over the moon to incorporate the yoga block into our LIFT Barre and LIFT Heated HIIT classes. The yoga block is a mainstay of the any yoga practice and LIFT is now bringing it to barre and hiit classes too!
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What Does a Yoga Block Do?

Often times the slightest adjustment to our body’s alignment and positioning can make all the different in our practice. Incorporating a yoga block into your poses can be the difference in building good functional strength versus working in an unstable position. The teachers at LIFT Exercise Studio will use yoga blocks to set and stabilize poses for students to gain the most benefit out of each. For example, if you have a tendency to hyper extend your leg in triangle pose, teachers can use the block to encourage better alignment and engagement in the supporting musculature to prevent this while allowing you to receive the most benefit from the pose. Remember though, not every student needs a yoga block to help secure proper alignment, so no need to jump and grab one unless your LIFT Leader invites you to.

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Yoga Blocks for Strength Building!

In LIFT Barre and Heated HIIT classes, we also use yoga blocks to create a greater challenge, quicker muscle fatigue and ultimately great change in your body. For example, yoga blocks placed under your feet, hand or between your inner thighs invites more muscles to engage to create to the same movement you might do without it. The more muscles that activate to create both stabilization and movement ultimately create change in the body’s musculature faster. For example, placing both feet on top of the yoga block during our LIFT Hip Lift’s require the hamstrings and seat muscles to contract deeper to lift the hips higher away from the floor than if the feet were grounded down onto the mat.

Everything we do in class is with the purpose to create LIFT in your body and heart and we’re confident you’ll find the yoga block a great addition to our equipment tool kit.


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