10 Minutes To Get LIFTed Outside

10 Minute Outdoor H2 All you need is a timer (like the one on your phone) and a yoga mat, beach towel, or soft grassy outdoor space. We’ve provided the workout AND the playlist. Just hit play and get started!   Minute 1: 5x Root Rebound Inhale the arms all the way up overhead. Exhale […]

LIFT Leader – Deb

LIFT Leader: Deb Short Bio:  I’m an old lady with 3 grown children- 2 off the payroll and 1 almost there who I am incredibly proud of.  I also have a husband who I have been with for almost 40 years and love dearly.  These peeps are the reason I found my way to exercise […]

LIFT Leader – Jennifer

LIFT Leader: Jen From the Glen!  😉 Short Bio: I have two super cute and super crazy little girls, 1 adorable chiweenie and a husband that somehow helps me keep it all together.  I grew up as an athlete, playing soccer from the age of 4 to competing in state finals at the age of […]


Love Inspiration Force Team I go into Lift to workout and I feel the love of people in the studio.  People genuinely care about you, how your doing, and your life.  This is not the same in other gyms, and I have been to a few.  As a stay at home Mom, this place has […]

Spring Clean: Clean Mind

For our final installment in our Spring Clean Blog Series we decided to focus in on one of the most often forgotten spaces to clean!  Your mind!  Studies have shown that taking time to reflect and clear your mind has enormous benefits. It can reduce stress, improve concentration, and increase overall happiness!  Sometimes it can […]

Spring Clean: Clean Space

Hopefully you are well into spring cleaning now that we are halfway through April, but if you haven’t jumped in yet, now is your chance.  Cleaning up around the house helps promote a healthier, more stress-free living environment.  We’ve rounded up the best tips for cleaning up your space and decluttering your life. Go through […]

How Kelly gets LIFTed!

Kelly is one of our amazing LIFT Bike leaders, but you’ve most likely seen her sweating alongside you in class!  Here is how Kelly stays motivated, fit, and happy. Tell us about your LIFT Journey!  What do you love about LIFT and why did you start coming to LIFT? About a year and a half ago, […]

LIFT Leader – Tiff

LIFT Instructor: Tiff Short Bio: Challenged, changed, motivated, inspired. It’s what I want for all of you! Favorite Exercise or Variation: Climbing a monster hill then running down the other side:) Something we don’t know about you: I danced classical ballet for over 20 years Why do you teach: To inspire and encourage Favorite Song: […]

Spring Clean: Clean Eats

This April is all about Spring Cleaning.  We’re doing a three part series on LIFT Life to help you make simple edits that will help make room for the stuff that makes you happy and healthy! This week is all about cleaning up what you eat.  We touched on it a little in our “It Takes […]

LIFT turns ONE!

It has been one year since we opened the door to LIFT Exercise studio! Since then, I hope you have had the opportunity to take each and every single one of our classes with as many instructors as possible.  I hope you have made your way through a barre class, flowing in and out of […]